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Msg des fans de Dulwich

Message par TOS » 02 juil. 2005, 03:03

Je me permets de copier/coller depuis le livre d'or du site
Just to say a big, big THANK YOU/MERCI to everyone. It was a great weekend and truly an honour for us lads from Dulwich Hamlet to be invited. We are very proud of our 4th place trophy, & much as some of us love Millwall as well, hope you appreciated we are not all as mad as them, & some of us know the true meaning of friendship & fun in football. I hope the spirit of your friend Johan Felix was looking down from above and enjoyed it all! Rest In Peace Johan. Though we never knew you, part of you will always be part of Dulwich Hamlet through this great competition on your memory.
Once again thank you to you all, I personally will make sure I come over to cheer you on in Liege for one of your games next season, & hope you can raise a team for RFC Liege to play Dulwich Hamlet Supporters' in London next year.


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